Sailor Moon Symphony


Re-live the story of the sailor-suited soldier through the 1992 magical anime score by composer Takanori Arisawa.

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  1. Classic
    Music from Sailor Moon
  2. Romance
    Music from Sailor Moon R
  3. Super
    Music from Sailor Moon S
  4. SuperS
    Music from Sailor Moon SuperS
  5. Stars
    Music from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
  6. Omake Medley
    Moonlight Densetsu • Henshin to Hissatsuwaza • Ubawareta Junsui • La Soldier • Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute • Sailor Star Song

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Release Date

June 01, 2015


Physical Disc, Digital Download (MP3)


32 minutes 40 seconds


Bobbie Lee Crow III


Christina Bouey, violin, iconiQ The Soundtrack Orchestra, Yasuhiko Fukuoka, piano

Audio Engineer

Moz Mezrich (Ears and Gears Recording)

Recorded At

The DiMenna Center for Classical Music


All Music by Takanori Arisawa unless otherwise specified.

01,06 “Moonlight Densetsu” Lyrics by Kanako Oda. Music by Tetsuya Komoro.
05,06 “Sailor Star Song” Lyrics by Naoko Takeuchi. Music by Shouki Araki.
06 “La Soldier” Lyrics by Kayoko Fuyumori. Music by Akiko Kosaka.
06 “Watashi-tachi ni Narituakute” Lyrics by Yasushi Akimoto. Music by Nozomi Inoue.

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